Simply teaching the Bible! That we might grow in His grace!

Jim Lawrence


My name is Jim Lawrence and I have the privilege and opportunity to serve God at Calvary Chapel of Norman, Oklahoma.  Thanks for stopping by our website!  I am always grateful when a person wants to know more about our church and the Leadership God has put in place.  I am a rebellious, hard hearted sinner.  And for some reason God chose to save me, ultimately I am a whosoever!  I’m simply a guy who said yes to Jesus, when he called my name.  God has blessed me tremendously with a godly wife and 4 kids, 3 of them are adults, and one is quickly moving that way, time goes too fast.  The best thing I can tell you in this short paragraph is KNOW GOD through His Son Jesus Christ!  He is my everything, he has blessed me so abundantly, and so much more than I deserve.  As God has called me to lead this church, I do it with diligence and care for God’s people.  I watch over the flock with teaching, exhortation, encouragement, and most of all love, that comes through my heart from Jesus, from His Holy Spirit.  If you live in the Norman or OKC area please join us for worship, as God leads you.  Lord bless!!

Pastor Jim Lawrence